Novena to Saint Thérèse of Lisieux

(Saint Thérèse of Lisieux - The "Little Flower") Virgin and Doctor of the Church feast day October 1'ST.

Saint Thérèse, you who are a beloved child of God and who boldly trusted God's mercy, teach me how to let myself be loved by God, who is love. Help me to fall into His arms like the prodigal son, and to give back to God my life and my death. Help me to open myself freely to His tenderness, so as not to take away from His Father's heart the joy of loving me.

Our Father

Saint Thérèse, you who are in love with Jesus, you were filled with passion for the Gospel and the Eucharist. Revive in me a thirst for the Word of God. May it light my path on this "little way" of trust where, with you, I take the elevator of love. May your motto "living in love" free my deep desire. In this way, like you, all I want is to love Jesus and help others love Him.

Hail Mary

Saint Thérèse, you who are embraced by the Holy Spirit, you have become the Spirit in my prayer and my actions. Prepare me to welcome the Spirit humbly in the little things of every day with Mary, who smiled at you in your time of testing. May your hope inspire me in times when I am not able to love.

Glory be to the Father

Prayer for Vocations

Saint Thérèse of the Child Jesus, you who have been rightly proclaimed the patroness of Catholic missions throughout the world, remember the burning desire which you manifested here on earth to plant the cross of Christ on every shore and to preach the Gospel even until the end of the world. I ask you, according to your promise, to assist all priests, missionaries, and the whole Church of God. Help us to implement the new evangelization which our world and our diocese[s] so badly need. Pray for us that Jesus will inspire in the hearts of our youth a burning desire to serve Him as priests, sisters, and missionaries so that the Gospel may radiate anew to dispel the darkness of sin and death.

Saint Thérèse of the Child Jesus, Doctor of the Church, pray for us.