A sacramental is anything set apart or blessed by the church to excite good thoughts and to help devotion. It is through the prayers of the church offered for those who make use of these sacramentals, as well as through the devotion they inspire, that they convey and obtain God’s grace and blessings. The catechism teaches us that sacramentals are “holy things or actions of which the church makes use to obtain for us from God, through her intercession, spiritual and temporal favors.”                            (go the liturgy secton to learn more about church Sacramentals)

The Church of Saint Rocco's Sacred Objects: Donor's Catalogue
2016 Paschal Candle
Memory of: Mario Joseph Reali
Anonymous Donation
Altar Crucifix
Club Sassanese D’America
In memory of all the deceased members of the Club Sassanese

2 Altar Candlesticks
In memory of
Lucy & Anthony Coragliano & Anna & Joseph Berritto
Mr. & Mrs. Sal Berritto

Holy Water Bucket & Sprinkler Set
In Honor of: Mr. & Mrs Joseph Grimaldi & Family Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Anobile & Family Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Cammarano & family
Lisa & Vito Grimaldi

Altar Candlestick
In memory of Adelmo Crocco from Caterina Children & Grandchildren
Caterina Crocco

2012 Paschal Candle
In Memory of Eugenia & Pietro Morra
From: Maria & Frank Oppedisano

Altar Candlestick
In memory of Helen Ahern Elizabeth M. Heron


Altar Candlestick
In memory of
Mary Hendricks

Margaret T. Mally

Pyx (for carrying the consecrated Host)
In Memory of Carmelina Allessandro
Raffaele Alessandro

Altar Pillow
The Rosary Society

Altar Candlestick
In Memory of my late wife Carol Fanning  
James J. Fanning

Blue Marble Altar Candlestick (bishops' candle)
In Memory of Frank Macedonio
from Giuliana Macedonio
    Blue Throne Chair
In memory of Frank Macedonio from Family

Big Altar Kneeling Cushion  
In Honor of my Grandchildren  
Maryann Ward  

Altar Kneeling Cushion  

In memory of Margaret & Tito Saputo, Concetta & Riccardo Cecilia & Saverino Simoneschi
Bice Saputo  

Small Sanctuary Carpet ..
in front of St. Rocco Altar
In memory of Tito & Margaret Saputo  
Bice Saputo  

Big Altar Cushion
Iolanda Graziosi & Alba Anzalone
In memory of Donato & Maria Italia Ricciardi

Big Altar Cushion
In memory of Donata Fortunata & Frank Panetta
Linda & Joe Panetta

Big Altar Cushion
In memory of Joseph Scarfo
Carmela Scarfo & Family

Big Altar Cushion
In memory of Donato & Maria Italia Ricciardi
Iolanda Graziosi & Alba Anzalone

Big Altar Kneeling Cushion
Donated by
Patricia M. & Angelo T. Stanco
In Memory of Mary F. Stanco

Sanctuary .Carpet.(In front of The Blessed Mother)
In memory of Riccardo, Concetta, Cecilia & Sam Simoneschi
Bice Saputo

Small Altar Carpet
For My Parents
Maryann Ward

Altar Kneeling Cushion
For all The Altar Servers
From: Bice Saputo


Sanctuary Carpet (In Front Of The Altar)
Francesco, Tito, Ludwig & Ermete Saputo
Bice Saputo

Altar Kneeling Cushion.

Altar Kneeling Cushion

Altar Table  
In memory of James P. Connolly
From His wife and Son
Altar Table  
In memory of James P. Connolly
From His wife and Son
Decons' Faldstool  
Donated By: The Connolly Family
Deacons' Faldstools: From Michael P. Ciavarelli, Kay Grella, James S. Alexander & Family

In Memory of : Louis R. Ciavarelli

Red Faldstools (Priest)  
Altar Blue Carpet (Our Lady)  
Donated By: Bice Saputo
Altar Carpet
(Blue throne, by Saint Rocco)
Donated By: Bice Saputo

2013 Paschal Candle
in memory of Adelmo Crocco
from his Grandchildren

2 Lanterns In Thanksgiving for :

The Very Reverend Dom Elias Carr, Pastor,
The Very Reverend Dom Daniel Nash, Can. Reg.
The Very Reverend Dom Bruno Semple, Can. Reg.
Donated By:Bice Saputo

Anonymous Donation

Anonymous Donation

Anonymous Donation
In Memory of all the Souls in Purgatory

Vestments and Chalice

Donated by: Sal Farina
In Honor Of Wife Linda

Black Vestment
Donated By: Laura Dileo
In Honor of her Husband, Rocco Dileo

(envolope for the Corple)
(hung on the left arm)

Solemn High Mass Dalmatic
Donated by: Rosa & Giuseppe Izzo
In Memory of :
Marino & Giuseppina Grella, Baldassare Grella, Rocco Grella & Madre Domenica Grella

Solemn High Mass Tunicle

Funeral Pall: In memory of Angelo Grella From: The Grella Family

Crystal Cruet Set: .In memory of his Father, . ...Americo Baiata

FONT   Donation by John Fielding

Vigil Lamp
In Memory Of :
Virgina & Nunzio De Riso and Micheal Graziosi

The Monstrance
" June 2013 - The Rosary Society proudly donates to the parish this very precious and elegant MONSTRANCE
in dedication to our Holy Mother and her Son, our Lord. Let us honor together the Blessed Sacrament for all years to come. "Hence so great a Sacrament let us venerate with heads bowed."

“The Rosary Society is happy and proud to donate these sacred items in honor of all living and deceased Rosarians. May everyone enjoy them this Easter Season 2012 and for years to come.”

(Paschal Candle, Processional Cross, Altar Server's Processional Candles Sticks):


Daily Chalice (The Byzantine Chalice )
  Donated by the Rosary Society 2012
  - In Honor of our Blessed Mother -
Donated by the Rosary Society 2012
- In Honor of our Blessed Mother -

Votive Candle Racks:

St. Anthony Altar:
  In memory of:
Anna & Joseph Berritto
Donated By Sal Berritto & Family

St. Jude Altar:
  In memory of:
Lucy & Anthony Caragliano
Donated By Sal Berritto & Family

St. Michael Altar:
San Michel Arcangelo di Sturno Prega per noi
  In Amata Memoria:
di Angelo Grella
Donated By Josephine, Angela & Maria Grella

The Crucifix Votive Candles:

  In memory of :
  Theresa Paulich & Angelina Riolo
from the Paulich Family


Votive Candle in the Baptistery: by St. John the Baptist and Madonna Delle Sette Porte.

St. John the Baptist donate by:
The Club Sassanese D'America in memory of all the Deceased Members
Madonna Delle Sette Porte donate by:
The Members of la Madonna Delle Sette Porte in memory of all the deceased Member.

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The Thurible, Stand &
The new Boat (which holds the incense)
  Anonymous Donations
in Honor of St. Padre Pio

Funeral Paschal Candle Stand

  In Honor of Saint Padre Pio


Paschal Candle

2014 Easter Paschal Candle

in memory of Angelo and Raffaella Raco
  daughter Caterina Crocco & Family

Donation In Loving Memory Of Marietta Abondandolo




Green Chasuble
Purple Chasuble:
Donated in memory of:
all the Deceased Members of the Club Sassanese of America from the members of the Club Sassanese
Red Chasuble
  in memory of Adelmo Crocco
  from wife Caterina,
children and Grandchildren
White Chasuble
  in memory of Joseph Scarfo
  from wife Carmela, children and grandchildren

Green Dalmatic
Dedicated to
  the memory of Leoncio and Felisa Opida
Donated by:
  The Opida Family

Purple Dalmatic
  Donated by: Dr. Gary & Mrs. Gina Galante, Anthony & Josephina Galante
  In celebration of the ordination of John Joseph Fielding to the Order of Deacon
Red Dalmatic
White Dalmatic
Dedicated to:
  the Memory of William and Norah Fielding
Donated by:
  The Fielding Family

Paschal Candle

2015 Easter Paschal Candle

Donated in memory of Adelmo Crocco from Caterina Crocco, Children & Grandchildrens.






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