Images Of The Verdun Alter
Biography and History

Nicholas Of Verdun:
(flourished c. 1150–1210, Flanders), the greatest enamelist and goldsmith of his day.The altarpiece (1181) of the Abbey Church of Klosterneuburg, Austria, is his best known work and reveals his absolute mastery of metalworking and the technique of champlevé enamelling, in which compartments hollowed out from a metal base are filled with vitreous enamel. The reliquary (1205) of SS. Piatus and Nicasius in the Cathedral of Tournai, Belgium, subordinates enamel work to beaten metalwork.
The Verdun Altar: 
In the Chapel of St Leopold, contains the Verdun Altar made in 1181 by Nicholas of Verdun. Its three parts comprise 51 gilded copper plates modeled on Byzantine paragons. On the left 4 columns of 3, On the right 4 columns, of 3; In the center 9 columns of 3. All created by French goldsmith, NICOLAUS VIRDUNENSIS (1181). In 1181 he executed his masterpiece, the enamelled ambo, in the form of a triptych representing 51 biblical scene, for the commission of the Prior of the Abbey at Klosterneuburg, near Vienna in Austria.
View the Altar one column at a time: horizontally or vertically;
The First tile depicts the old testament,
     the middle tile depicts Under Grace (Christ)
        and the third tile depicts the new testament.
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From the The Verdun altar, where the Mass was celebrated in the presence of the relics of St. Leopold, the patron of the Stift Klosterneuburg. Dom Georg and Dom Elias showed the pilgrims the treasury, the church and the cloister. The Ascension of Our Lord, Pilgrimage to Austria & Hungary (May 9-16, 2004), Stift Klosterneuburg-Dom Georg and Dom Elias showed the pilgrims the treasury, the church and the cloister. The Abbot-Primate’s Pastoral Visit to America

Stift Klosterneuburg:
The abbey was founded in 1114 by Margrave Leopold III



A Novena in Honor of St. Augustine
(August 19th to August 27th)

Heavenly Father who orders all things for the good of Your children, through the intercession of St. Augustine grant to the canons regular who do battle beneath the banner of the cross and under the guidance of his rule of life, the strength to persevere until death in the pursuit of holy perfection in the priesthood. May the sacrifice of the altar and the sacrifice of praise they offer bring grace to the world and conversion to sinners.

Grant further, oh Father, to those who on the feast of Holy Augustine will be clothed in the holy canonical habit, the grace necessary to live exemplary lives of sacrifice, love and obedience. May they know daily the joys of a perfect observance and on that day of resurrection and reward, may they enjoy for all eternity the bliss of the heavenly liturgy. As they praised you with their lips and their lives on earth, so may they praise you perfectly in heaven. We ask these things through Christ Our Lord. Amen.

Novena Prayer to St. Leopold
(Nov. 7-15)

O God, Who govern all things, You granted to the holy Margrave Leopold the gifts of Your Spirit for service to the Holy Church, for the just exercise of his office, and for fidelity to his family.

Through his intercession, grant us the grace to remain true to the Church and to our God-given obligations, and the wisdom to recognize Your Spirit in the world.

Grant moreover, O merciful Father, by St. Leopold's intercession, Your grace to those who pursue the holy canonical vocation in the hopes of founding a house dedicated to Your glory in America. Bless them with an abundance of strong and virtuous vocations and with many lay cooperators to assist them in Your holy will.

We ask this through Christ Our Lord. Amen.