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Prayer to the Holy Family:

Holy Family of Nazareth,
by your intercession, love, and holy example, make our family and home
more and more like Yours, until we are all one family, happy and at peace
in our true home with You.

Thank You Father Matthew for your generous and faithful service to Saint Rocco:

Saturday, November 8th, we held a reception of coffee and cake in the Madonna Room after the 4:00 pm Mass to thank Father Matthew for his generous and faithful service to Saint Rocco over the last year and a half. He really helped us to stabilize the situation after unexpected personnel changes in 2012. God bless you, Father Matthew! Safe travels.
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The Saint Agnes Medal of Service Award recipient for 2014:

Bishop Murphy has selected Maryann Ward as the recipient from Saint Rocco for,
The Saint Agnes Medal for service to the Catholic Church.
On Sunday, October 26th, Bishop Murphy celebrated a Prayer Service & Awards Ceremony at the Cathedral to honor 133 recipients of the St. Agnes Medal of Service Award, which is, as Bishop Murphy stated,
" award recognizing those who generously and unselfishly give of themselves to their parishes. They are the unsung heroes in our midst who build up our parish communities by extraordinary service in parish ministry, administration or significant volunteer roles..." Maryann Ward is St. Rocco Church's 2014 lucky recipient! We thank Maryann for all that she does and wish her continued love, peace and blessings.

"Whatever you do, do from the heart, as for the Lord and not for men." Colossians 3

In the Long Island Catholic :The "St. Agnes Medal honors outstanding service to parishes"
On the Diocese of Rockville Centre website:
        Bishop Murphy to Honor Lay People This Sunday with Saint Agnes Medal
Take tour of the Diocese of Rockville Centre's Cathedral of St. Agnes in Rockville Centre New York, on youtube
Saint Agnes
Feastday: January 21 (Patron of the Children of Mary) Martyred: 304
St. Agnes was a Roman girl who was only thirteen years old when she suffered martyrdom for her Faith. Agnes had made a promise, a promise to God never to stain her purity. Her love for the Lord was very great and she hated sin even more than death! Since she was very beautiful, many young men wished to marry Agnes, but she would always say, "Jesus Christ is my only Spouse." ,
Procop, the Governor's son, became very angry when she refused him. He had tried to win her for his wife with rich gifts and promises, but the beautiful young girl kept saying, "I am already promised to the Lord of the Universe. He is more splendid than the sun and the stars, and He has said He will never leave me!" In great anger, Procop accused her of being a Christian and brought her to his father, the Governor. The Governor promised Agnes wonderful gifts if she would only deny God, but Agnes refused. He tried to change her mind by putting her in chains, but her lovely face shone with joy.
Next he sent her to a place of sin, but an Angel protected her. At last, she was condemned to death. Even the pagans cried to see such a young and beautiful girl going to death. Yet, Agnes was as happy as a bride on her wedding day. She did not pay attention to those who begged her to save herself. "I would offend my Spouse," she said, "if I were to try to please you. He chose me first and He shall have me!" Then she prayed and bowed her head for the death-stroke of the sword.
A chapel stands over the spot where she was martyred, just outside the walls of the city of Rome, and there every year a pair of lambs are taken to be blessed. Then their wool is cut and made into the cloak or pallium that is worn by the Archbishop.
In old pictures St. Agnes is always shown with a spotless white lamb by her side; and in the Christian Church she has been honoured from the time of her death as a type of purity.


The complete history of Saint Agnes:





Rosary Society Extends "Thanks" "Much appreciation is given to EVERYONE who contributed in making our Holy Mother's birthday a great success. Stop N Shop and King Kullen donated huge fruit platters that were enjoyed by all. Grimaldi Bakery donated a scrumptious blueberry sheetcake. Some of our Rosarians generously baked cookies. Lucille and her Kitchen Staff were as attentive as ever! Our Sacristan Annette, Church Secretary Matilde and "the Guys" on staff helped in various, much needed ways. Thanks to all of you! Fr. Gabriel, Deacon John and all the wonderful alter servers who took time out to celebrate the Mass - thank you for your dedication, for love of our wonderful Parish, and to the wonderful music by Barbara Bixby, Organist at Saint Gertrude of Bayville and that angelic Voice by Erika Anglin Cantor at Saint Patrick.
God bless all who came to help.




Saint Rocco Feast






Parish Fair

Our parish fair, all the groups/ministries represented; see what they have to offer and how you can show your support to your parish. volunteers are a necessary part and nothing would be possible without there support and time. Thank You for your support. contact The parish office at: (516) 676 2482

Adult and Children’s Choirs
Eucharistic Ministers of Holy Communion
Altar Servers
Rosary Society
Youth Group (CYIA)
Legion of Mary
Food Pantry

Bible Study
Distilled Theology
Kitchen Staff
Baptismal Prep
Pre-Cana Prep
Religious Education
Respect for Life
Compassionate Prayer Wall
Church Website
First Friday
Italian Catechesis
St. Vincent de Paul
Italian Class
Padre Pio Prayer Group (& various others)




Mass for the Beatification of Padre Pio.
with new Deacon John Feilding and Fr. Elias
1887 - May 25: Born in Pietrelcina, Italia
1904 - January 22: Professes as a Franciscan
1910 - August 10: Priestly ordination in Benevento
1918 - September 20:
  Receives the stigmata (the wounds of Christ)
1968 - September 23:
  Passes away in San Giovanni Rotondo
1998 - December 21: Recognition of his first miracle
1999 - May 2: Beatificaation
2001 - December 20: Recognition of second miracle
2002 - June 16: Canonization in the Vatican
Close encounters with Padre Pio in the Confessional.
The Life of Padre Pio, (a Chronology).
Saint Pio of Pietrelcina, Life Story

--Padre Pio Devotions--Prayers of Padre Pio--newsletter--

(this website will open in a new window)
"Pray, Hope & Don't Worry" : Padre Pio & His Friends from Long island (acrobat pdf)

"I have often raised my hand in the silence of the night and in my solitary cell,
blessing you all and presenting you to Jesus and to our seraphic father, St. Francis of Assisi."

—Saint Pio of Pietrelcina— [Padre Pio's Words Of Faith]

St Rocco Church welcomes New Decon John Feilding









Palm’s Sunday Gifts: The Symbols Of saint Philomena
Palm: palm is a symbol of victory, became a symbol of the victory of the faithful over the enemies of the soul. And Also commemorates the triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem.

Bread and Wine : Represent the night before Jesus died, HE instructed his followers to remember him by eating bread and drinking wine together. In the celebration of the Eucharist, the glorified Christ becomes present under the appearances of bread and wine . This is the great mystery of our faith

Candles: Candles symbolise enlightenment, encouragement, religious clarity and reassurance. No matter how thick the darkness, candle wipes out the darkness and shows us how love can brighten our life. Candles are also used to give a sense of direction to lost souls.

The Cross: the cross. It represents the sacrificial death of Jesus Christ for the redemption of the world and the redeeming benefits of his Passion and death.

The Crown : crown of thorns was woven of thorn branches and placed on Jesus Christ during the events leading up to the his crucifixion. It was one of the instruments of the Passion, employed by Jesus' captors both to cause him pain and to mock his claim of authority

The Linen- : A spotless towel is a symbol of purity, symbol of the Passion,

Rocks: Rocks are a symbol of the Lord. This meaning is derived from the story of Moses, who smote the rock from which a : spring burst forth to refresh his people. Christ is often referred to as a rock from which flow the pure rivers of the Gospel. St. Peter, too, is referred to as the Rock, the cornerstone of the Church, because of Christ's statement: '. . .that thou art Peter, and upon this Rock I will build My Church.

















































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