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Our Pilgrimage for the Year of Faith to:
The Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception

Mass for the Beatification of Padre Pio with new Deacon John Feilding and Fr. Elias .
1887 - May 25: Born in Pietrelcina, Italia
1904 - January 22: Professes as a Franciscan
1910 - August 10: Priestly ordination in Benevento
1918 - September 20: Receives the stigmata (the wounds of Christ)
1968 - September 23: (Passes away in San Giovanni Rotondo)
1998 - December 21: Recognition of his first miracle
1999 - May 2: Beatificaation
2001 - December 20: Recognition of second miracle
2002 - June 16: Canonization in the Vatican
The Life of Padre Pio, (a Chronology).
Saint Pio of Pietrelcina, Life Story

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An inspirational discussion by Michael Reali of St. Padre Pio
       At the Rosary Society Meeting
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"Pray, Hope & Don't Worry"
Padre Pio & His Friends from Long island (acrobat pdf)
"I have often raised my hand in the silence of the night and in my solitary cell, blessing you all and presenting you to Jesus and to our seraphic father, St. Francis of Assisi."
—Saint Pio of Pietrelcina— [Padre Pio's Words Of Faith]



Blessing Of Saint Filomena Statue & Mass
Palm’s Sunday Gifts: The Symbols Of saint Philomena
Palm: palm is a symbol of victory, became a symbol of the victory of the faithful over the enemies of the soul. And Also commemorates the triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem.

Bread and Wine : Represent the night before Jesus died, HE instructed his followers to remember him by eating bread and drinking wine together. In the celebration of the Eucharist, the glorified Christ becomes present under the appearances of bread and wine . This is the great mystery of our faith

Candles: Candles symbolise enlightenment, encouragement, religious clarity and reassurance. No matter how thick the darkness, candle wipes out the darkness and shows us how love can brighten our life. Candles are also used to give a sense of direction to lost souls.

The Cross: the cross. It represents the sacrificial death of Jesus Christ for the redemption of the world and the redeeming benefits of his Passion and death.

The Crown : crown of thorns was woven of thorn branches and placed on Jesus Christ during the events leading up to the his crucifixion. It was one of the instruments of the Passion, employed by Jesus' captors both to cause him pain and to mock his claim of authority

The Linen- : A spotless towel is a symbol of purity, symbol of the Passion

Rocks: Rocks are a symbol of the Lord. This meaning is derived from the story of Moses, who smote the rock from which a : spring burst forth to refresh his people. Christ is often referred to as a rock from which flow the pure rivers of the Gospel. St. Peter, too, is referred to as the Rock, the cornerstone of the Church, because of Christ's statement: ' that thou art Peter, and upon this Rock I will build My Church.


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